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EffectControls is free open source Silverlight interface controls with animation effects.
EffectControls is in the development of FreeForm (FreeForm Silverlight Form Designer) when the effect of development control.

As the developers have two problems exist:
1, lazy, in order to achieve some special effects to write Silverlight XAML disturbing statement, this is terrible;
2, because not a designer, it is difficult to make some very beautiful interface

So, I wrote EffectControls , the purpose is to use the shortest possible time and the shortest code to effect cool control interface. you are welcome to use and improve, if there is fun special effects, be sure to inform me, oh.


A cool FreeForm project used the EffectControls :

FreeForm is a Dynamic Form Designer system(Forms Builder).

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My Name: Xander Wang
Address: China. Guangzhou

I Just want a job,to leave Dark Ugly Red CHINA,FuXk the China Communist Party!

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